Investing in the Communication Revolution

Mon Jun 28 2021

Earlier we informed you about Conscious Capitalism and what makes our technology so groundbreaking. Today I am going to give you all of the details that go into making this company one of the most potentially profitable enterprises to come in the realm of communication technologies in the past decade.

Gathering information on the number of American Sign Language (ASL) users is a tricky proposition. As we mentioned before, the US Census Bureau does not keep records on this topic. Indeed, until 1960, ASL was not even recognized as a language! The most reliable data that we can gather is from the 1970s, where we learned that there were about 500,000 native users, and some 2 million who learned it later in life. We estimate that in the US today, there are anywhere between 3 and 5 million users of ASL. This is a sizable number of people.

If we use the information gathered in one of TOP’s datasets, we can estimate roughly 7.38 in person interactions daily for the average person in the US under normal conditions. When applied to ASL users, this shows that there are as many as 22 - 37 million ASL interactions a day. When one adds in video teleconferencing and other visual media, this could be an order of magnitude higher. This is a truly massive amount of communication, all of which is a potential opportunity for our technology.

We currently operate the world’s largest database of ASL words and phrases in the world, one that is growing larger every day. Though this database has immense value on its own, it becomes truly extraordinary once we apply it to continuously train our ML models and services. We are becoming increasingly accurate! Our technology can be easily deployed to businesses to make them inclusive to ASL users, regardless of whether these users are employees or clientele.

This is also only the beginning. ASL may be one of the most discussed Sign Language, but there are many more around the world. Some of which, such as in India and China, have a substantially larger number of users. In the next few years, as we accrue success, we hope to be able to make the whole world more inclusive to sign language users, particularly in those areas where protections, like those afforded by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), are not widely available.

The implications of our technology are endless, and it is not hard to imagine a process whereby our tech is incorporated into video conferencing applications. Our technology will revolutionize communication, but we cannot do it alone.

As such we have several different ways that investors can contribute to our firm and our technology, and we are eager to ensure that the return on investment is far greater than what is put in.

Join the journey with us!